iOS Simulators and Charles

10 Aug 2022 The easiest way to setup your simulator is to treat it like a physical iOS device! There are 2 slight differences you need to be aware of. Once you’re familiar with these variances, continue to the iOS device setup instructions HERE. “Profile” vs “Device Management” The main difference when installing your certContinue reading “iOS Simulators and Charles”

Zscaler and Charles – Common Problems

08 Feb 2022 Here are some common issues that people encounter when using Charles and Zscaler Laptop connection issues I can’t connect to the internet on my laptop Open Keychain and check if the Zscaler root cert has been trusted You may get errors on your browser about your connection “not being private” If notContinue reading “Zscaler and Charles – Common Problems”

How Charles Proxy works with Zscaler

01 Feb 2022, updated: 10 Aug 2022 If you have to use Zscaler, for example to access a corporate network, you may run into issues and need to debug your problem. This article gives a high level overview of how the 2 tools work together How the tools work together Charles uses the “External ProxyContinue reading “How Charles Proxy works with Zscaler”

Expired Charles Proxy Root Certificate

29 Dec 2021, updated: 10 Aug 2022 To comply with Apple’s rules regarding MacOS certificate expiry dates, Charles’ root certificates have much shorter expiry dates (read article here). This change came into effect on September 1 2020. From version 4.6 of Charles onwards, new root certs will have a 1 year expiry, instead of theContinue reading “Expired Charles Proxy Root Certificate”

Android 11 devices and Charles

07 Jul 2021, updated: 21 Oct 2021 This tutorial will show you how to configure Charles and your Android 11 device so you can view your app’s network traffic in plain text. FYI, the root certificate installation steps are slightly different to older Android versions NOTE: Since Android Nougat (7.1), Google have blocked tools likeContinue reading “Android 11 devices and Charles”

Android Emulators and Charles

30 Jun 2021, updated: 21 Oct 2021 The only slight difference between configuring Charles to work for physical devices and emulators, is the wifi network. Emulators only have 1 available wifi network. All other setup task are the same as for a real physical Android device Android Wi-fi network You will notice that there isContinue reading “Android Emulators and Charles”

Rewrite rules – Common Problems

23 Jun 2021, updated: 29 Dec 2021 Rewrite rules are an awesome tool but there are a few gotcha’s you should be aware of when using them. This post might save your future self hours of futile debugging! # Using multiple Rewrite rules Rules are independent Unfortunately Rewrite Rules are totally independent of each otherContinue reading “Rewrite rules – Common Problems”

3 ways to Reduce unwanted network traffic

16 Nov 2021 Other than using the “Filter” field, there are 3 other ways to reduce the amount traffic your Charles sessions captures Recording Settings Exclude traffic from being recorded Add the URL(s) to the “Exclude” tab of the “Recording Settings…” feature Proxy -> Recording Settings -> Exclude Focused Host Focusing on specific hosts AsContinue reading “3 ways to Reduce unwanted network traffic”

Advanced Repeat

09 Nov 2020, updated: 04 Jan 2021 The Advanced Repeat feature lets you automatically hit endpoints at predefined intervals. You can also to add delays between each iteration. In this tutorial we are going to demonstrate 2 use cases for this feature: Performance testing Monitor health of specific endpoints Prerequisites Make sure you have installed andContinue reading “Advanced Repeat”