Common Problems – Charles Proxy & Android

Here are some of the common issues people face when working with Android and Charles. Details on how to fix these issues has also been included. Time Outs The app or browser keeps timing out Check if the local IP address of your Mac has changed If it has changed, it means your device canContinue reading “Common Problems – Charles Proxy & Android”

View localhost traffic

If you are developing something on your local machine you may like to the ability to view your traffic in Charles. In this tutorial we will show you how to proxy your localhost traffic through Charles Prerequisite Install Charles Make sure you have setup the Charles Root certificate on your Mac before you proceed to the next stepContinue reading “View localhost traffic”

Rewrite – Modify elements in the Response body

The Rewrite feature lets you automatically change elements of a Request or Response each time they meet a predefined set of rules. In this tutorial, with a simple Regular expression, we will pinpoint specific properties in the Response and then use the Rewrite tool to automatically modify their values. When mocking data, it’s always bestContinue reading “Rewrite – Modify elements in the Response body”

Screen mirroring and recording with Charles

Mirroring your device’s screen on your Mac can be really useful if you want to demo some work or show how to recreate a bug. This tutorial will show you how to mirror physical iOS and Android devices on your Mac while recording your screen. We will use Quicktime for mirroring iOS devices. While AndroidContinue reading “Screen mirroring and recording with Charles”

SSL Proxying Settings

It is really important that you understand what should be included and excluded from your SSL proxy settings. If you attempt decrypt all network traffic, by entering * as the Host value, websites and applications on your machine will eventually start throwing errors! The * character causes side effects! By entering the * character intoContinue reading “SSL Proxying Settings”