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iOS Simulators and Charles

10 Aug 2022 The easiest way to setup your simulator is to treat it like a physical iOS device! There are 2 slight differences you need to be aware of. Once you’re familiar with these variances, continue to the iOS device setup instructions HERE. “Profile” vs “Device Management” The main difference when installing your certContinue reading “iOS Simulators and Charles”

3 ways to Reduce unwanted network traffic

16 Nov 2021 Other than using the “Filter” field, there are 3 other ways to reduce the amount traffic your Charles sessions captures Recording Settings Exclude traffic from being recorded Add the URL(s) to the “Exclude” tab of the “Recording Settings…” feature Proxy -> Recording Settings -> Exclude Focused Host Focusing on specific hosts AsContinue reading “3 ways to Reduce unwanted network traffic”

Advanced Repeat

09 Nov 2020, updated: 04 Jan 2021 The Advanced Repeat feature lets you automatically hit endpoints at predefined intervals. You can also to add delays between each iteration. In this tutorial we are going to demonstrate 2 use cases for this feature: Performance testing Monitor health of specific endpoints Prerequisites Make sure you have installed andContinue reading “Advanced Repeat”

Firefox and Charles

02 Nov 2020, updated: 04 Jan 2021 If you want to view decrypted Firefox network traffic in Charles, you need to perform 1 extra task when compared to Chrome and Safari. You need to import the Charles root cert on your machine into Firefox. In this example, I will proxy traffic from the NY TimesContinue reading “Firefox and Charles”


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