Zscaler and Charles – Common Problems

08 Feb 2022

Here are some common issues that people encounter when using Charles and Zscaler

Laptop connection issues

I can’t connect to the internet on my laptop

  • Open Keychain and check if the Zscaler root cert has been trusted
    • You may get errors on your browser about your connection “not being private”
  • If not trusted, update it to “Always Trust”
    • when trusted it will have a blue + symbol (see attached screenshot)

Device connection issues

My device give me a private connection error

  • If this happens, you will need to download and install your Zscaler root certificate onto the device
  • The instructions for installing and trusting a Zscaler root cert is identical to how it works for Charles

Lost internet connection

My internet traffic has stopped working

  • If you have recently restarted your Charles (or your laptop), the External Proxy setting tool may no longer be enabled

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