How Charles Proxy works with Zscaler

01 Feb 2022, updated: 10 Aug 2022

If you have to use Zscaler, for example to access a corporate network, you may run into issues and need to debug your problem. This article gives a high level overview of how the 2 tools work together

How the tools work together

Charles uses the “External Proxy settings…” tool to forward Charles traffic to an another/external proxy, in this case Zscaler

External Proxy settings

Open External Proxy settings

  • Open Proxy -> External Proxy Settings…
  • Verify the “Use external proxy server” is enabled

View Zscaler proxy settings

  • “Web Proxy HTTP” and “Secure Web Proxy HTTPS” should both be enabled
  • These host and port settings ( are used to forward traffic to Zscaler
    • NOTE: your port value may differ from this example.

Having problems?

See article about common Zscaler problems

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