Rewrite rules – Common Problems

23 Jun 2021, updated: 29 Dec 2021 Rewrite rules are an awesome tool but there are a few gotcha’s you should be aware of when using them. This post might save your future self hours of futile debugging! # Using multiple Rewrite rules Rules are independent Unfortunately Rewrite Rules are totally independent of each otherContinue reading “Rewrite rules – Common Problems”

Rewrite – Modify elements in the Response body

The Rewrite feature lets you automatically change elements of a Request or Response each time they meet a predefined set of rules. In this tutorial, with a simple Regular expression, we will target specific properties in the Response and then use the Rewrite tool to automatically modify their values. In this tutorial we are goingContinue reading “Rewrite – Modify elements in the Response body”

Rewrite – Modify the Response

The Rewrite feature allows you to automatically modify distinct parts of the Response. Here are some helpful use cases: Quickly generate 4XX/5XX error scenarios that would otherwise be difficult or time consuming to create Continue to do front-end testing even when services throw 4XX/5XX errors Save Responses that are hard to recreate so they canContinue reading “Rewrite – Modify the Response”

Rewrite – Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years while working with Rewrites that make creating them a little easier! The ‘Notes’ Columns Swap ‘Info’ column for ‘Notes’ The more Rewrites you use the more sense it makes to swap the ‘Info’ column for the ‘Notes’ one Right-click the the bar withContinue reading “Rewrite – Tips & Tricks”

Rewrite – Redirect URL

Rewriting URLs can be really useful if you need to point your new build to a specific environment i.e. point Prod build at non-Prod env. At a previous company I used this feature to redirect traffic from our Android Test build to our Prod environment. This tutorial will show you how to use the RewriteContinue reading “Rewrite – Redirect URL”

Rewrite – Modify the Request and the Response

The Rewrite feature allows you to automatically change parts of HTTP Requests and Responses every time they meet a pre-defined set of rules. This tutorial will show you how to use the Rewrite feature to change the Request and the Response. Please note that you need to complete the Rewrite – Modify the Request tutorialContinue reading “Rewrite – Modify the Request and the Response”

Rewrite – Modify the Request

The Rewrite feature allows you to automatically modify different elements of a Request. If you are familiar with Breakpoints, you can think of Rewrites as ‘automated Breakpoints’. The Rewrite feature has a long list of other rules you can add to your Request. You can add rules to: add, edit or delete headers change theContinue reading “Rewrite – Modify the Request”