3 ways to Reduce unwanted network traffic

16 Nov 2021

Other than using the “Filter” field, there are 3 other ways to reduce the amount traffic your Charles sessions captures

Recording Settings

Exclude traffic from being recorded

Add the URL(s) to the “Exclude” tab of the “Recording Settings…” feature

Proxy -> Recording Settings -> Exclude

Focused Host

Focusing on specific hosts

As the name suggests, you can focus in on specific URLs to help reduce the amount of noise in your session


View -> Focused Host…


To enable/disable click on the “Focused” checkbox

macOS Proxy

3 – Switch off the “macOS Proxy”

If you are testing with a real/physical device, you can stop Charles from recording your laptop’s network traffic

To switch it off go to Proxy and then click “macOS Proxy” to disable it

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