Postman and Charles

This article will help you configure Charles to work with Postman so you can view your Requests and Responses in plain text Prerequisites Install Charles Make sure you have setup the Charles Root certificate on your Mac before you proceed to the next step Disable “SSL certification verification” in Postman Open Postman -> Preferences -> Settings ->Continue reading “Postman and Charles”

Configure Charles Root certificate on Mac

The Root certificate is the magic ingredient that allows Charles to decrypt HTTPS traffic. This certificate basically tells your MacBook to give Charles permission to view and modify all HTTPS traffic that flows in and out of your machine. This becomes incredibly useful when testing your application and you need to modify HTTPS traffic. ThisContinue reading “Configure Charles Root certificate on Mac”

iOS devices and Charles

This setup guide will help you configure Charles and your device so you can view your app’s network traffic in plain text. NOTE: You can’t view/intercept the traffic of apps with a pinned certificate. Most apps with sensitive data, e.g. banking apps, will block you from viewing/intercepting their traffic. If you just want to playContinue reading “iOS devices and Charles”