Screen mirroring and recording with Charles

Mirroring your device’s screen on your Mac can be really useful if you want to demo some work or show how to recreate a bug. This tutorial will show you how to mirror physical iOS and Android devices on your Mac while recording your screen. We will use Quicktime for mirroring iOS devices. While AndroidContinue reading “Screen mirroring and recording with Charles”

SSL Proxying Settings

It is really important that you understand what should be included and excluded from your SSL proxy settings. If you attempt decrypt all network traffic, by entering * as the Host value, websites and applications on your machine will eventually start throwing errors! The * character causes side effects! By entering the * character intoContinue reading “SSL Proxying Settings”

Rewrite – Modify the Response

The Rewrite feature allows you to automatically modify distinct parts of the Response. Here are some helpful use cases: Quickly generate 4XX/5XX error scenarios that would otherwise be difficult or time consuming to create Continue to do front-end testing even when services throw 4XX/5XX errors Save Responses that are hard to recreate so they canContinue reading “Rewrite – Modify the Response”

Rewrite – Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years while working with Rewrites that make creating them a little easier! The ‘Notes’ Columns Swap ‘Info’ column for ‘Notes’ The more Rewrites you use the more sense it makes to swap the ‘Info’ column for the ‘Notes’ one Right-click the the bar withContinue reading “Rewrite – Tips & Tricks”

Rewrite – Redirect URL

Rewriting URLs can be really useful if you need to point your new build to a specific environment i.e. point Prod build at non-Prod env. At a previous company I used this feature to redirect traffic from our Android Test build to our Prod environment. This tutorial will show you how to use the RewriteContinue reading “Rewrite – Redirect URL”