Rewrite – Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years while working with Rewrites that make creating them a little easier!

The ‘Notes’ Columns

Swap ‘Info’ column for ‘Notes’

The more Rewrites you use the more sense it makes to swap the ‘Info’ column for the ‘Notes’ one

Right-click the the bar with the column names (highlighted in the screenshot) -> untick ‘Info’ -> tick ‘Notes’

View modified Requests at a glance

Now you can easily see all Requests that have been changed by your Rewrites

The Repeat button

Use the ‘Repeat’ button to test your Rewrite Rules work

The Repeat button is fairly self-explanatory; it will reload/re-send a network Request

This button becomes incredibly useful while creating your own Rewrite Rules. Each time you modify and retest your rule, you can click this button to fire off a new Request to quickly check if your rule works. No need to switch back to your browser/app to trigger a new Request!

Constructing your Regex

Use a separate Regex tool to create your expressions

I suggest using an entirely different Regex tool/website ( and are great tools) to construct your Regex expression

You want to be 100% sure your Regex works BEFORE you copy over to your Rewrite. Debugging Rewrite Rules can be tricky!

Shortcut to copy the URL

Use the “Copy URL” option

This is a great time saver! Right-click the Request you are interested in and select the “Copy URL”

This make is easy to specify the exact URL you need when creating Rewrites or Breakpoints

Having problems?

See article about common problems when working with Rewrite rules

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