Focused Hosts

The Focused Hosts feature is a great way of quickly filtering out all the traffic you are not interested in. If you combine Focused Hosts with the Filter textfield you can filter on an already filtered result. The more traffic you have to deal with, the more useful this feature becomes

This tutorial will show you how to use the Focused Hosts feature to hide all non-New York Times related traffic and then use the “Filter” box to further reduce the number of results.

Open Focused Hosts screen

View -> Focused Hosts

Configure your host details

Click Add -> Paste into the “Host” textfield -> press tab -> enter 443 as the “Port” value

Focus and Filter at the same time!

Tick the “Focused” checkbox to the far left of the “Filter” textfield.

You can further filter out traffic into by entering text into the “Filter” box

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