Advanced Repeat

09 Nov 2020, updated: 04 Jan 2021

The Advanced Repeat feature lets you automatically hit endpoints at predefined intervals. You can also to add delays between each iteration.

In this tutorial we are going to demonstrate 2 use cases for this feature:

  1. Performance testing
  2. Monitor health of specific endpoints


Open Advanced Repeat settings

Right click the endpoint and select “Advanced Repeat” from the options menu

Performance Testing (very basic!)

  • If you want to check the performance of an endpoint but don’t have the time/skills to do it thoroughly, this feature can be a great solution
  • Iterations
    • Enter the number of times you want to make a network request
  • Concurrency
    • This determines how many requests Charles will send at the same time

Monitor health of endpoints

  • This can be helpful if you need to determine when the status or data of an endpoint changes
  • Repeat delay (ms)
    • If you enter 60000ms (1 minute), Charles will call your endpoint once every minute

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