Map Local

This is a great tool if you want to quickly swap a hosted image, file, PDF, etc. with a locally stored one. This is useful if you don’t want to or don’t have time to rebuild and deploy a new instance of your application.

In this tutorial we are going to swap an image hosted on a website (we’re using NY Times hosted image) with one stored locally.


Find the image URL

In Chrome, right-click the image -> select the “Copy image address” option

In this tutorial I am using an image hosted on the NY Times website

Enable SSL Proxying

In Charles, find the Request, right-click it and select “Enable SSL Proxying” from the dropdown.

The Request(s) you want to modify must be decrypted before you can use the Map Local feature with it

Open Map Local settings screen

Tools -> Map Local -> tick “Enable Map Local”

Map URL to a local file

Add -> paste in the image URL into the “Host” field -> press tab -> enter 443 as the “Port” value -> click the “Choose” button -> select your image -> Click OK to save -> Click OK again to close the settings screen

Check the image has been swapped

In Chrome, reload the page to verify that your image has replaced the website’s one

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