Screen mirroring and recording with Charles

Mirroring your device’s screen on your Mac can be really useful if you want to demo some work or show how to recreate a bug.

This tutorial will show you how to mirror physical iOS and Android devices on your Mac while recording your screen. We will use Quicktime for mirroring iOS devices. While Android we will use a tool called Vysor (it has free and paid versions) for mirroring.

iOS Mirroring

Trust your Mac

Plug your device into your Mac. On your device you should now see this a dialog asking you to trust your MacBook.

Tap ‘Trust’

iOS setup

Return to your Mac and open Quicktime

File -> New Movie Recording -> select the dropdown to the right of the record button -> select your device as the camera

Your iOS screen should now appear on your Mac 🙂

Having issues connecting your iOS device?

Here are some articles that might help

Android Mirroring

Allow USB Debugging

Plug your device into your Mac. You should now be prompted to “Allow USB debugging”.

Tap ‘Allow’

Mirroring setup

Return to you mac. Please install Vysor before continuing

Once installed, open Vysor. After you’ve connected your device and allowed USB debugging, you should see your device appear at the top the Vysor screen. Tap the ‘View’ button

You should now see your device appear on your Mac!

Having issues connecting your Android device?

Here are some articles that might help

Screen Recording

Mac instructions

For macOS Mojave (10.14) onwards to record your screen, press Cmd ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + 5

For macOS version lower than 10.14, open Quicktime -> File -> New Screen Recording -> click the screen you want to record

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